Casio Mens GA100If you need a combination G shock military watch, then you may want to check out the Casio Men’s GA100 1A1 Black Resin Quartz Watch with Black Dial!

This watch has a myriad of features and advantages, and it is also stealthy and stylish!

Some of its best features include a stopwatch, speedometer system, 29 time zones capabilities, and multiple alarms.

Additionally, this G-Shock watch is a heck of a deal and typically retails for well under $100.

 Casio Men’s GA100 1A1: Main Features

 The Casio GA100-1A1 G-shock watch has much to offer the consumer in terms of features, functions, and performance.

Overall it is filled to the brim with must-have features including:

  • Sleek design, black dial, black resin bezel mounting, tang clasp, and a black polyurethane band.
  • Its back boasts a shock resistant 17 mm thick casing that is withstanding & durable
  • The dial on this watch consists of silver palms, index hour markers, and luminescent hands.
  • Its minute markers are well-defined on the outer rim of the display.
  • The world-time indicator features 29 occasion zones, from 48 cities around the world + UTC,
  • Possesses numerous alarms
  • Has stopwatch capabilities and functions & a speedometer
  • Water Resistant
  • Quartz movement

Casio Men’s GA100 1A1: Pros

  • Its Price Tag is Wonderful: This G Shock Military Watch is much cheaper than other watches out there, especially with extraordinary features that let you wear it even when you go 200 meters/660n feet down under water.
  • Its Style and Design: Another feature that people love about the G-Shock Combination Military Watch is the enhanced look when wearing it. Aside from being the best watch to wear when going on stealth mode, as in the case of military folks during their operations, it is also very light to wear and will snug in faithfully to any wrist.
  • Its Abundant Features: Aside from that, the G-Shock Combination Military Watch also blends perfectly with whatever army combat uniform version you are going to wear. And it does not end there. It looks impressive enough even in civilian clothes as well, with its futuristic and hi-tech impressions that are stylish and simple at the same time.

Casio Men’s GA100 1A1: Cons

  • Problems with Illumination Light: There are certain issues that trouble the wearer of every G-Shock Combination Military Watch even with its impressive features.  These are mostly simple obvious facts, like in the case of an orange dial light that seems unable to illuminate the whole watch face in environments without sufficient lighting. If you take a close look at it, the shadows coming from the dial itself can, in some ways, compromise how you look at the time and other data you need especially when training deep into the night and into the wilderness with practically nothing to see and use as points of reference.
  • The Black Could Be a Design Flaw for Easy to Read: The digital layout of this watch is very concerning. It is based on a negative format, which is basically all black.  The numbers and other figures are only made visible due to their light grey colors. It is not flushed within the watch dial, which means that when you illuminate the dial light, you may have some difficulties reading the digital time.

Casio Men’s GA100 1A1: Bottom Line

Overall, the G Shock Combination Military Watch helps carry you throughout the day. It’s reliability at its best. You can be assured it is fully shock-proofed, water-proofed, and magnetic-proofed in whatever conditions you immerse it into. It’s a must in your military adventures.

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