The Suunto brand took off after the release of the groundbreaking Suunto Vector, the first outdoor computer watch to feature an altimeter, barometer, compass, and thermometer all in one. Suunto has come a long way since then however and in 2007 they unveiled the award-winning Suunto Core.

The Suunto Core is perhaps the most popular computer military watch ever made and continues to fly off the shelves some 8 years after its release. This timeless popularity in a technology-based gadget is almost unheard of and is a testimony to the innovative designers at Suunto.

So what is it that makes this watch so special? Is it its stylish design? Its unfaltering reliability? Its range of powerful tools? Well, the answer is not one, but all of these features. There are few watches out there which manage to incorporate all the features an outdoorsman may need with such a seamless quality, and the few that do will cost you around 5 times the price of the Suunto Core. In this Suunto Core review, we will take a look at some of the best features that this watch has to offer.

Barometer with Intelligent Storm Alarm

The barometer on the Suunto Core is easily capable of predicting stormy weather up to 2 hours before it hits and will alert you through an innovative new feature called the “intelligent storm alarm”. This feature is activated by a rapid drop in air pressure over a period of 3 hours and will notify the user by sounding an alarm and flashing. During a mountaineering expedition, this feature will be of utmost importance for ensuring that you find or build a shelter before the storm hits and the alarm function can, of course, be switched off when stealth is paramount.

Weather Trend Indicator

Built into this watch is a weather trend indicator which uses recorded data from the barometer over the past 3-6 hours and analyses this data to provide a strikingly accurate prediction of the weather to come. This is a fantastic feature for outdoorsmen who need to know what gear to bring before an expedition and rightfully do not want to rely upon the regional weather forecast.

Intelligent Altimeter

The altimeter on this watch will not only accurately measure your elevation up to 30,000 ft, but will also record how far you have climbed or descended and record this information for future analysis. Without a battery draining GPS, this is a very useful feature for mountaineering and hiking in order to track your location on a topographical map. The altimeter also includes a unique feature called a “start-from-zero function”, which allows you to track your ascent/descent without knowing your current altitude.suunto core

Other features

One of our favorite aspects of the Suunto Core is its wide range of small user-friendly features which when combined make this watch very intuitive and simple to use. For example, the watch can sense movement in the user and will switch between displaying the barometer and altimeter accordingly. The depth meter will detect if this user is in the water and automatically switch to displaying this measurement. Other functions such as sunset and sunrise predictors can be easily accessed after pressing one of the large, easy access buttons on the side of the watch.

The Suunto Core also comes with all basic features of tactical watches which you would expect such as dual time display, date display, an alarm system, and multilingual functionality.


Alongside the Casio G Shock range, the Suunto Core is one of the top watches used by the military and is also extremely popular in other outdoors jobs such as rescue crews and park rangers. The watch is available in a range of designs to suit your both your style and job. The matte finish black version with inverted LCD display is ideal for military purposes where stealth is an important consideration, however, the Suunto Core comes in many other colors and finishes, allowing you to personalize your choice.

It is agreed upon by almost every Suunto Core Review that the Suunto Core wrist-top computer watch is without doubt one of the best military watches in the market today, as it has been for many years. Though this watch came out 8 years ago, it still has some of the most modern technological features available in any military watch and has years of positive reviews and feedback behind it. This durable, reliable and all round powerhouse of a watch is a fantastic option for any outdoor profession.

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